Button Selection

Hardwood Buttons ($1.20 each if purchased separately) – Made from native North American tree branches (trees are never cut down!). The branches are cut thick to withstand the hard use on shoes. They vary in size from 1/2"  to 7/8" in diameter.  They are well sealed to withstand use and washing. Included in the price of any of our basic styles that use button closures. We currently have yew wood, oak, and apricot wood in stock. All Beautiful!

Antler Buttons ($4.80 each) – Made from fallen antlers (deer and elk lose their antlers each year). They are side cut so there is no marrow and they are very strong. Choose polished natural color or walnut-brown (dyed with walnut hulls). We also have a few natural (unpolished) side cuts.

Antler Crown Buttons ($7.20 each for 3/4": $8.40 each for 1": $9.60 each for 1 1/4": $10.80 for 1 1/2' diameter) – Made from fallen antlers. There is only one of these per antler, cut from where the antler detached from the head. Beautiful irregular pattern around edges. The smaller sizes generally work best on our footwear. The larger sizes look great as focal piece closures on a leather bag. 

Nickel Buttons ($4.80 each) – One side is Indianhead while the other is a buffalo. Alternated on footwear, or please specify which you prefer on individual orders.

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Antler Crown


Indian/Buffalo Nickel


Indian/Buffalo Nickel


Belt Leather


Yew Wood Side Cut Elk Antler
Died with walnut hulls
Natural Antler Side Cut


Polished Antler Side Cut


Polished Brass Buckle


Large Antler Crown Apricot Wood
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