Caring for your leather
Country Spirit Footwear Wear and Care Booklet

Please wear these shoes around the house until you are sure you are happy with the way they fit. We will exchange or refund the purchase price for any pair of  shoes returned in new condition.

This care information applies to all leather goods we make.

*If you feel your shoes do not fit properly, please call us before returning them, so can get specific information to help us resize them for you.

With proper wear and care, this footwear will out last anything on the market today. If you give them the little attention they require, they will give you many miles of good service.

PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS, paying special attention to information about your specific type of footwear.

Your pair of Country Spirit Footwear may feel snug at first. With a little wear the leather will give and take the shape of your foot. We suggest wearing them without socks for the first time or two. If the toe is too slow to stretch, take a ½” socket from the tool box or the end of a broom handle cut about 1 ½” long ─ and wedge it into the big toe area of the shoe. Leave it overnight.

*BE SURE TO POSITION YOUR FOOT TO THE REAR OF THE SHOE. With STRIDERS and SUN SANDALS use the lace that goes around the heel piece to secure your foot in the shoe. Snug the lace up comfortably.

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When you remove your shoes, open them as much as possible, allowing them to air out and the perspiration to dry. Removable inserts should be taken out of the shoe after daily wear.

Sweat, body oils, and dirt are harmful to leather and cause it to rot. Washing is good for your shoes. We urge you to wash them every couple of months, more or less, depending on your particular feet and the kind and amount of use your footwear is getting. Machine wash or hand wash with mild soap (not detergent). If you hand wash them, pre-soak in soapy water, rub them hard or even a light scrubbing with a brush is fine. Be sure to rinse them well. Reshape and dry your shoes at room temperature away from heat sources and sun. It takes about two days for them to dry. Wash removable inserts as often as needed.

This is good time to CHECK SOLES FOR WEAR. Never wear your soles through to the MIDSOLE which if walked on will cause structural damage to the shoe, leading to costly repairs

When sending your shoes to us for resoling or repair they must be washed first. We charge for washing.


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You can resole your foot wear yourself. Lacquer thinner and contact cement are very flammable and toxic. Be very careful to do this in a well ventilated area. You will need: new soles, lacquer thinner, an eye dropper or acid brush, a pair of pliers, contact cement and a brush to spread it with (the acid brush will work for both). With the eye-dropper or the acid brush, apply a small amount of lacquer thinner on the heel of the sole where it meets the mid-sole. Grip the tip of the rubber sole with the pliers and pull, applying more thinner as the sole begins to separate. Don’t be afraid to us the thinner. This is what melts the glue, and you won’t be able to remove the sole if the glue does not dissolve. Once the old sole is removed, let the shoe dry for an hour. To put your new sole on, apply lacquer thinner to new soles and wipe off with clean rag, coat both the new sole and the bottom of the shoe with contact cement. Let it dry 10 to15 minutes. Apply a second coat to both surfaces and allow to dry 10 minutes. Your new soles are cut large but still ─ be very careful and exact when you put the shoe down on the sole ─ it sticks for keeps. Press firmly together the new sole and the shoe. Carefully trim the excess sole with large scissors. Try to keep the edges straight up and down, not at an angle. Let dry over night. Then your shoes are ready for the road again!

When the leather gets to dry, treat with a natural conditioner (we use Lexol) or waterproof your shoe grease (Hubbard’s). Read the ingredients of the product you are using ─ NEVER use silicone ─ it will not wash out and will age the leather.

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To put them on your feet, pull gently and alternately on the front and back of the moccasin as you wiggle your toes forward into the boot.

Remove inner soles after daily wear, allowing them to air out, and the perspiration to dry.

To Lace: The laces go over the tops of the buttons, making x's between the tabs and the buttons. It is important that the laces going through the bottom toe tabs are kept snug. Pull laces snug at all tabs, not at the buttons. Laces should always be a little less snug in the ankle area to allow free movement, The lace at the top should be snug. Use a slip knot to tie your mocs at the upper button.

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1st       2nd

1. Pull lace tight over top of the button and back around to cross over itself.

2. From a loop in the remaining lace. Slip this loop behind the lace which goes over the top button. Pull it through the space formed by the crossed lace and the button.

3. Continue pulling snugly toward the base of the button and the front of the moc, as indicated by the arrows.

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